IDAG's role is to help DMB (see IDAG paper_DMB fact sheet) and related services become success stories around the world. That leaves us with certain goals:

  • Support successful world-wide introduction of DMB and additional services.
  • To help make a wide range of terminals available on the global market.
  • Influence European policy for mobile TV and help the relevant industries embrace a multi standard approach to the mobile TV market.
  • Contribute to cooperation between companies and industries within and between countries.
  • Exchange of experiences, business models, marketing strategies, dos and don’ts.
  • Common use of technology used for i.e. additional services and CAS (pay TV).
  • Provide a cost effective, centralized and easy to use system for pay services.
  • Act as a purchasing cooperative for it’s members.
  • Develop services that combine broadcasting and the Internet. This increases the attractiveness of programs and channels and can provide new revenues.